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Challenges faced by e-commerce product pages today

  • 1

    Latency of legacy product pages

    Product descriptions are either too heavy or too simple.

  • 2

    Same content through the product life-cycle

    Product content does not evolve with competition.

  • 3

    No personalised content for individual shopper

    Product pages just tell shoppers to buy, but not why buy from you.

  • Meet


    AI-powered solution that converts your product pages into rich and beautiful product stories.  

  • Image edits that evoke emotions

  • Text that highlights product benefits and functionality

  • Graphics and design to easily highlight product features

Be first in the market

    Get the competitive advantage. Stand out.

Increase dwell time

Increase shopper dwell time on your product pages to improve SEO.

    Build trust

    Engage customers and build trust,with an intuitive and visual user experience.

Scale at speed

    Transform up to 50,000 product pages in under two weeks.

Increase revenue​

Accelerate conversions and increase AOV & RPV.

Reduce​ content cost​

Make a profit by slashing your content cost up to 60%.

Why Weaveroo

  • No design or developer required
  • A single line of code and you’re good to go  
  • Go live in 15 days
  • Optimise product pages at scale  

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