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Your customers can discover and purchase your products faster with W-Stories, giving your business an edge. Create engaging stories and watch your product sales soar!


What are its benefits, and why should somebody buy it? 

​Post short descriptions and the USP of your products to create awareness and educate clients​

What made you create or sell in the first place? 

​Use W-Stories to share your products' stories, to catch the attention of your website visitors. ​

How has it made a difference in your customers' lives since it was launched?

​Share valuable customer testimonials to bring in new clients​


Tell your customers why your product is better than the rest

Sharing your brand and product stories can significantly improve ​the trust your customer lay in your brand. ​Also, it creates a great impression on the first go!

Tell them how it can make their lives easier

Paint a picture when telling your story​by find a way to appeal to your customers' emotions ​by identifying their needs and addressing them Please remove the hyperlinks ​

Persuade users to act on their decision with relevant CTAs

Shorten the purchase journey of your user through the use ​of CTAs in your stories


You created the product to solve a certain issue

Discuss how you encountered the problem and developed your product as a solution

Your buyers can use them to do the same

Explain how your products helps make lives easy of your customers

It will change the way they handle the problem in the future

​Through stories downplay the impact of problems faced by your customers ​when your products are around

Build Trust

Post screenshots of products reviews and customer responses

Customer testimonials build more trust than other forms of content.

Post unboxing clips that to which you're tagged

Unboxing clips are a free way to advertise your products​and effective way to evoke curiosity.

Consider displaying constructive reviews

If there are genuine constructive reviews that help you​level up, display them through stories to build brand credibility.​​


Best-selling product of the week

Harness the art of storytelling by setting up a “product of the day/week” campaign to evoke curiosity.​

Products that are apt for the season

Promote your top selling products to create urgency and demand amongst buyers.​​​

Products that are in trend

Create demand through your stories by highlighting trending products that are in vogue.

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