Terms And Conditions


Weaveroo provides an enhanced product content and optimization software (“service”) for entrepreneurs (“Clients”) on the Internet that offers goods or services on Amazon’s marketplaces & on their own eCommerse website. The service provider is Weaveroo, 97 Hartland Way, Croydon, United Kingdom, CR0 8RJ. The user of these terms and conditions and contractual partner of the customer is Weaveroo, 97 Hartland Way, Croydon, United Kingdom, CR0 8RJ.

Only entrepreneurs, legal entities under public law, or special funds under public law are eligible to be Clients.

These terms and conditions apply to all current and future business relationships between the Client and Weaveroo. Deviating, conflicting, or supplementary Client terms and conditions (including e.g. terms of purchase, purchasing conditions) do not become part of any contract with Weaveroo unless otherwise expressly agreed. Any form of reference to Client terms and conditions is hereby expressly rejected.

Any transfer of the Client’s rights and obligations from its contracts requires the written consent of Weaveroo.


This contract covers the Client’s use of the service provided by Weaveroo. The scope is selected by the Client based on the respective service description.

In order to use the service, the Client must provide at its own cost an Internet connection, an Internet-enabled device, and a current Internet browser.

Weaveroo reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to extend, change, or improve the provisions regarding the service in consideration of changing technical requirements and market conditions, insofar as this is reasonable for the Client.

Weaveroo will only restrict the scope of services if Weaveroo is compelled to do so for legal reasons, the provider of the Amazon platform restricts Weaveroo’s access to the platform, or the Client agrees to the restrictions.


The service may only be used on the basis of the service contract concluded between Weaveroo and the Client. Weaveroo provides a form for the same when the Client registers for the service. By completing and submitting this form, the Client declares its wish to enter into a contract with Weaveroo for the use of the service to the extent selected. The Client may review and, if necessary, correct the details it has provided about itself before submitting the form. The Client may also review the selected services and change its selections before submitting.

When registering, the Client agrees to provide only truthful information about itself and its officers and to keep its data up-to-date at all times. The Client is particularly obliged to provide only truthful information about its entrepreneurial status.

Contract is only available in English & will be translated on request.

Weaveroo stores the contract text electronically, but the Client does not have access hereto.

In addition, Weaveroo reserves the right to offer additional services that go beyond the selected scope of services. The cost and scope of the respective additional services are set forth in the respective service description and the currently applicable price list. Weaveroo is entitled to link any offer of additional services to a continued subscription of a basic service.


All payments are due in advance when invoiced and may be made using one of the payment methods offered. Weaveroo invoices are issued electronically. They will be sent by email. In addition, Weaveroo may offer the Client the option of accessing its invoices from within its user account. If the Client wishes paper copies sent by post, Weaveroo may invoice the Client for the additional processing costs.

Costs resulting from chargebacks or other reversals of payments will be invoiced to the Client unless the reversal was caused by Weaveroo.

Weaveroo reserves the right to change the prices for its services with future effect from the beginning of any extended contract term. Weaveroo will provide written notice of the changes at least four weeks beforehand. In the event of a price increase, the Client may object and terminate the contract by giving notice at least two weeks prior to the end of the current term. If the Client fails to do so, the change shall be considered accepted. Weaveroo will instruct the Client about the consequences of not responding and its options for terminating the contract.

Duration, Termination

The term begins once the Client’s account has been activated by Weaveroo and shall last for the agreed period. The term for a fee-based use of the service is automatically extended by the respective term if it is not canceled on time.

The termination of chargeable contracts initially results in the termination of the fee-based part of the contract. The memberships are then downgraded to a free membership to keep profiles, information services and notification settings. An user account can be completely deleted by notifying Weaveroo.

Weaveroo services

Based on the analyzes provided by Weaveroo, recommendations are made to the Client to improve the visibility of its products. These suggestions are submitted to the Client based on an automated evaluation and are not based on an examination of the specific product in individual cases. The Client is therefore obliged to check the submitted suggestions for plausibility and to monitor the effects of their implementation in order to be able to react immediately to negative developments. The Client is responsible for any changes made to its listings.

This contract does not guarantee a certain level of success on the Amazon platform. Weaveroo only offers the services; successful use of them is the sole responsibility of the Client.

Our services are compliant with Amazon's Acceptable Use Policy.

We do not aggregate data across Authorized Users’ businesses or Customers obtained through the Amazon Services API to provide or sell to any parties including competing Authorized Users.

Examples: Users log in to their own portal without access to other customers' user data. Also, our algorithms only use the data of the respective customer, not the data of different customers.

We do not promote, publish, or share insights about Amazon's business and do not use insights about Amazon's business for our own business purposes.

Examples: We do not collect customer data from different sellers in order to aggregate it and draw conclusions about Amazon's business. We also do not collect data to then build our own store or similar. We only want to get relevant data for our respective customers via the API so that they can make recommendations based on their own data.

Client obligations

The service gives the Client access to a web-based database. Weaveroo owns the rights to the database. The Client is being granted a license to use this database on the basis of this contract. These rights are limited in time to the term of the contract and are not exclusively granted to the Client.

The Client may use and reproduce this data for its own purposes for the duration of the contract.

The Client may not, however, distribute it, make it publicly available, sell it, or pass it on to third parties without the express written consent of Weaveroo.

Access data

The Client will be provided access data in order to use the service. The Client is obliged to keep this access data confidential and to inform Weaveroo immediately of its loss or any unauthorized use of the access data by third parties.

The Client is not permitted to provide said access data to third parties or to use it to obtain information from the service on behalf of others.

If the Client has selected a rate that provides for additional users to use the service under its account, these users may only include its employees subject to its instructions.

Access data may only be used by the persons specified upon setup. Any disclosure is expressly excluded.

Weaveroo is entitled to block access data temporarily if there is a suspicion of unauthorized use or misuse of the access data.


Weaveroo is liable to the Client for any damages resulting from its intentional actions or gross negligence as well as any such damages caused by its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

Otherwise, Weaveroo is only liable if an essential contractual obligation has been violated. Essential contractual obligations are those which are of particular importance for achieving the purpose of the contract as well as those which, in the event of a culpable breach, can endanger its achievement. In these cases, liability is limited to such damages as were foreseeable and typical.

Liability under the product liability law remains unaffected.

There is no liability for the compensation of indirect damages, in particular for lost profits or consequential damages unless they result from the intentional actions or gross negligence of Weaveroo.

Amendments, rights transfer

Changes to these general terms and conditions will be published on the platform. The Client will also be informed in text form. The amendments shall take effect provided the Client does not object to the changes in question at the latest 14 days after receiving said notice. The Client will be instructed concerning these consequences.

Weaveroo may transfer its legal rights and duties from this contract either in whole or in part to a third party with a notice period of four weeks. In this case, the Client is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Any additional agreements must be in writing.