September 2, 2022

In a world where content is limitless, why choose to walk behind?

Corporate Communications Lead

The year is 2022. The mode is online retail.

5 ways to unlock the limitless potential of product content

Today, content dictates the game, driving the global market and shopper trends around the world. As an online retailer in a crowded market, what are the chances that you will play the lead in this theatrical? Here are 5 ways to unlock the limitless potential of product content and steal the show at global online retail.

Design your journey.

A clear structure for the design and development of your brand's digital infrastructure and maintenance, can be the factor that makes all the difference when it comes to the e-commerce crowd. Your product gallery, images, videos and written content all come together to build your brand's portfolio - the determining factor of why they will choose you over your competition.

Content is a brand differentiator.

Because of the increased popularity of lifestyle content, about 93% of online marketers admit they have engaged in Influencer Marketing - a term that took online retail by storm when it came to existence. Lifestyle content and a wholesome user experience goes a long way in making a mark in the market. Customers don't just see your brand through the product - they also gauge your brand in their user experience.  

Unlock your potential with keyword research.

About 87% in a survey rated product content on PDPs as the content that matters the most to them. Using SEO-friendly content with well-researched keywords to facilitate indexing, increases the discoverability of your products on the digital shelves. Find out what your shoppers are looking for and build content that elevates your product and your brand.

Engage with their emotions.

Another important role of product content is the emotional connection between the customers and the brand. Studies show that about 55% online shoppers are more likely to go back to a retailer, if they love a brand story. A good brand story engages with the emotional quotient of the shoppers, increasing conversions, A2C rates and paving way for brand loyalty  

It's time for action.

Create urgency or assure them idle browsing is fine too. Find CTAs that are in line with the personification of your brand and talk to your online customers. CTA's form a part of some of the most interactive content on a PDP and plays an important role in determining the conversion rates in online retail.

Don't shy away from investing and building in product content because at the end of the day, that's all that matters to your customer - the ways they can consume your product before buying it.