September 2, 2022

How to win the digital shelf with enriched product content

Corporate Communications Lead

Enriched. Enhanced. Engaging.

4 ways to ace the digital shelves with enhanced product content

No matter how good the product is, sometimes packaging makes all the difference. As a distinguishing factor, product content can make or break your brand identity, affect your revenue, even determine your customer’s loyalty. So how do you stand out in an overcrowded digital shelf? Check out four maxims to achieve the same using enhanced product content.

Let the images speak

The old adage is not wrong. A picture can truly speak a thousand words. About 53% of online shoppers admit their shopping trends are inspired by images. Let your product image gallery do the talking when it comes to your products and brand story, with inspiring product images that talk to the lifestyle of your online shoppers.

You have 5 seconds for an overview.

Name, cost, salient features and options for customisation, finished by an irresistible call-to-action – with the internet speeds today, one has about 5 seconds to give an overview about the product before your shopper moves on to the next thing. Studies show immediacy is favoured over several other  

The description is the resumé.

98% of shoppers in a study said they would refrain from purchases that didn’t give adequate or accurate information about the product. That's why product description matters. It gives the online customers a clear idea of what the product is, assures them of their purchasing decisions.

Reviews and ratings revitalize retail.

Over 90% of surveyed customers said they depend on online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Proof of brand in the social sphere is crucial for retailers to operate in 2022 - that's where customers read reviews, recommendations and even reach out to brands with their queries. Reviews and ratings are a condensation of user experience in digital retail.

The product content game is constantly evolving, with new tools and trends every day.