September 2, 2022

How to promote your brand using enhanced product content.

Corporate Communications Lead

Enhance your content. Enrich your brand.

5 things to remember while promoting your brand using enhanced product content.

If your retail empire is being built in an era of binging, then your content better be good. Everything today - from a brand’s origin stories to the way the product reaches the market - is determined by content. That’s why it helps for brands to remember the following things while promoting themselves using enhanced product content.

E-commerce store vs. marketplace

While e-commerce stores cater only to one seller, a marketplace is the real test of strength were a wide variety of brands get to showcase their products for the retail market. And if you are a new brand looking to be the greatest gladiator, chances are that you’ll need a lot more than great marketing strategy.  

Marketplaces like Amazon, for example have provision for A+ Content, which allows brands to showcase their brand’s story through enhanced product content. But brands often don’t have the time to plan, develop and optimise content that can make a difference to their add-to cart ratios.  

Enterprises reported 55% more success in their outreach strategies upon improving the quality of content. Integrated solutions like Weaveroo can help do the same at scale, at the e-commerce stores, or any marketplace offering competitive retail.

Grow on auto-pilot.

A genuine brand story, great and personalised content up-to-date with the latest trends, consistent UX… these are just some of the things, that play a huge role in the destiny of any brand. But whether you’re an existing player or a freshman, who really has the time for all this?

76% of companies in a study, reported using automation in 2021. Automation is probably one of the best ideas after ‘copy and paste’, and Weaveroo’s AI solution does exactly that for you, only better - helps you automate self-optimising and enhanced product content, so you can enjoy your growth at ease.  

Don’t hide.

Over 50% of marketers say keyword rankings and organic traffic are the top ways they measure the success of their SEO strategies. Crawlable and indexable enhanced product content that are loved by all search engines - sometimes that is all you need. Weaveroo’s AI algorithm creates precisely that for any and all brands, across platforms and categories.  

When there’s a lot to say and not a lot of time, enhanced product content can be the first impression for your customers on search engines.

Keep up!

Not you losing out on conversions because you didn’t know about enhanced product content, nor keep up with the latest trends in online retail. Finding out if you’re better than others, comes after checking if you’re better than yesterday. Survey showed only about 66% of brands admit to gauging content performance in some way.
Weaveroo’s algorithm provides A/B Testing and Multivariate Test, so you can delve into the specifics and fine-tune an automated retail machine, offering a personalised UX like no other. Methods like A/B Testing can do wonders when it comes to re-examining strategies and optimising them for better results.  

Make loyal friends.

They say 77% of content marketers use paid distribution on various platforms as part of their content strategy, because that's how your audience gets to know you as a brand, often even before going to the marketplace. Even then, why don’t more enterprises do better than just a ‘photo dump’ when it comes to outreach across platforms?

Did you know posts with more than 7 images get 116% more organic traffic than articles with only text? That’s why we at Weaveroo are obsessed with enhanced product content. A little thought goes a long way in online retail and outreach strategies. Social media is where customers get more of their information about products, comparative prices and features, and other information that help them make their purchasing decisions. Enhanced product content delivers all this in alignment to your brand’s story and messaging, finding the right audience and helping you build brand loyalty.

There are many different ways your brand can stand out in the crowd using enhanced product content. The consistent evolution of content with the market trends and consumer behaviour, will determine the journey of a brand over the course of time.